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Powdery Mildew: Prevention and Control

Wondering what is that white powdery spots on the leaves of your plants? It is a fungal disease-Powdery Mildew. The fungus growth develops on the surfaces of leaves, stems, buds and it spreads by air-borne spores. The fungus feeds only on the plant's surface and slowly injures the plant. Mildew is favored by humid conditions with widely fluctuating temperatures. It is most common in crowded plantings where air circulation is poor.

Symptoms of Injury: Stunting, distortion of leaves and buds, yellowing of leaves,premature leaf fall and general decline in plant growth

Chemical Control: Apply protective fungicides at first sign of infection. Use Dinocap, Benomyl, Sulphur, Folpet or Tribasic Copper Sulphate, Eagle 20, Mil Stop

Prevention: It has been repeatedly reported in many parts of the world that applications of Bicarbonate of soda(baking soda) gives a good control of powdery mildews. The ratio is 2ml per litre of water. When applying any treatments, it is always a good practice to try on a few plants before spraying the whole crop:))

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