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Grow Light Indoor Garden

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24”x17”x14” size, 1 gallon reservoir and 2 Full spectrum 6400K High Output 24 watt Sun Blaster T5 grow light bulbs

  • The perfect year round indoor garden for herb or vegetable production. Grow your own herbs, vegetables, fruits and herbs!
  • Heavy duty aluminum base and extra tough recycled ABS plastic components. Made in the UK quality will last a lifetime!
  • Includes two 18" (45cm) SunBlaster High Output Fluorescent T5 Grow Lights. Sun Blaster grow lights provide the perfect spectrum for all your indoor plants!
  • Compact size, just 24" W x 14" D x 17" H (60x40x43cm) with fully adjustable height. The waterproof indoor garden fits easily under most counter tops.
  • Indoor gardening is a fun way to provide the freshest, healthiest greens to your family, inexpensively! Teaches kids how grow their own herbs, vegetables & fruits
130 CAD

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With a vast selection of garden products on the market now days, it can be very difficult for a customer to choose the right product. At GrowPro Hydroponic we work closely with our customers to help them to make the most educated purchasing decision.


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